Understanding your liquidity needs will help you decide how to segment your global cash and identify opportunities to optimize. Whether your cash is marked for strategic deployment, or daily working capital, we make it our business to know your business. Our management approach is characterized by a transparent investment process with a keen focus on capital preservation. Our strategies are offered in a variety of vehicles and multiple currencies.

Our liquidity management strategies focus on high credit quality securities and can be tailored across the liquidity spectrum help to preserve capital, maintain liquidity or seek to achieve competitive yields. We are a global manager with local expertise, offering a variety of investment solutions across vehicles, currencies and capabilities in money markets and short duration products.

Liquidity management excellence


Extensive research


In-depth analysis of credit and counterparty risk drives our research process that helps identify stable quality credits.

Transparent process


Investment decisions are transparent and measurable; we offer extensive reporting and analytics.

Solution oriented


Portfolios are carefully tailored to meet client-specific liquidity needs and goals.

Risk management


Strong firm-wide risk management culture and infrastructure; we use sophisticated systems to manage portfolio risk.
With maturities from one day to 24 months, we specialize in strategies targeted in three areas of actively managed tiers across the liquidity spectrum.

Customizing your liquidity solution

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Investment horizon

Investor profile


Overnight – up to 90 days

Highly liquid, day-to-day spending needs


One year or less

Less liquidity, undefined spending needs


Up to 2 years

Decreased liquidity, longer-term spending needs

We focus on helping you meet your liquidity objectives by developing a plan that addresses your needs, goals and constraints.

Why DWS is a strong partner for liquidity investors

Client centric

Providing liquidity strategies across the platform, our goal is to help clients make better decisions that will align with their investment objectives and to serve as a strategic collaborator in decision-making.

ESG integration

Incorporating ESG factors in to the decision making process, we believe, improves capital allocation decisions and enhances financial market stability.

Skilled partner

Managing taxable short-term fixed-income assets since the early 1970s, our team has successfully navigated various market and interest-rate cycle. Our global team of investment specialists is long tenured.

Global expertise

Dedicated global research teams focus specifically on liquidity and short duration issuers by leveraging market intelligence, independent analysis and quality control.

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